Choosing The Perfect Deck Contractor In The Bay Area

Choosing the Perfect Deck Contractor

Choosing a deck contractor to do your deck for you can be a tedious and a time consuming task especially if you want to make sure that the finished job will be to your liking.  There are available deck contractors via the net to choose from but you must first look at the samples of their work and you can also check out the reviews that were given by their previous clients so that you will be able to come up with a decisive decision.  Before hiring a deck contractor, it is necessary to conduct an interview and see how each contractor will fare that will help you choose the perfect one for the job.

Things to Consider in Hiring a Deck Contractor

There are things to consider in making sure that you will be hiring a deck contractor that will understand the things that you want without sacrificing the quality and safety.  You might want to clarify some things with the deck contractor such as:

  • The years of service of the contractor’s company – the contractor must have at least three years in his track record being a deck contractor otherwise that contractor might not be able to perform at par with the job you are expecting the deck contractor to do.  If the contractor lacks some years of needed experience then it is possible that the contractor won’t be able to keep his business.
  • Work references – the deck contractor must be able to give you at least 25 references for the work they did.  They should have more than 25 clients in their three-year business streak and it should not be hard for the deck contractor to give you 25 names immediately when you asked for it.  You might want to ask the previous clients about the quality of work, efficiency, professionalism, care for your property, ability to adhere with the schedule, and other pertinent questions.
  • The business license and permits of the deck contractor – the important documents such as permits must be in the possession of the contractor and if not, you should think otherwise because there is a huge possibility that the contractor has not able to comply with the needed requirements.  The license for business is the proof of every company that their business is a legitimate one that had able to satisfy all that was asked of them.
  • The insurance – should include workman’s compensation and the over all accountability for the protection of the homeowner.  If the deck contractor does not hold any insurance then the burden of taking responsibility for the worker’s injury if there should be any will fall on the shoulders of the homeowner as well as the damage incurred in the property.
  • The detailed quote – as a client, you are entitled to have a detailed quote from the deck contractor.  It will serve as a commitment of the contractor to finish the work on a specified time and must be able to stick with the time frame that the contractor had set.

Things to Know Before the Actual Work Begins With A Deck Contractor

Before the actual work may proceed, you might want to clarify some things first in order to avoid some misunderstanding later that may cause delay.  You may ask the deck contractor immediately if their company needs a certain deposit in order for the job to proceed although a stable contractor must be able to immediately start the work and demand payment when the whole thing was completed.

You can also ask if the deck contractor will be using nails or screws.  Although hammering nails can make the work faster than screwing, proper deck builder will never opt to using nails, which can eventually fail.  Screws can provide the needed security and stability of the project.

Ask if there are extra charges involved.  Sometimes even if you specifically told the deck contractor to hand you the quotation where the actual and final price of the project were indicated, they still give the estimate for the entire project.  Make sure that you are going to receive the quotation in writing that includes the final bill that will be charged for the project.

The certainty about the warranty must be clarified and the deck contractor must offer them almost immediately as a sign of their commitment.  There might be a slight difference on warranty given between the materials and labor but the important thing is that the deck contractor will be able to provide for one.

A good deck contractor must be able to satisfy all your requirements without incurred difficulties and give you the deck that you have been aiming for.

Also remember that plans, permits, and engineering are usually needed for deck projects. Golden Gate Enterprises Inc. handles all of this. Another important point in selecting a deck contractor is to use a well rounded General Contractor. Most deck projects involve a whole lot more than just deck building. There are possible plumbing , electrical, stucco, siding, and waterproofing issues associated with the projects. Also consider a waterproof deck instead of traditional deck construction.

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