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Water Proof Tile Deck Article Featuring Golden Gate Enterprises

Failed Tile Decks Don’t Use Tiledek Waterproof Membrane


Tile decks are beautiful, but have a reputation as a trouble project and many contractors will shy away from them all together. There are countless stories out there about failed tiled deck projects where a home owner’s beautiful new tile deck started leaking after only a short time. But you don’t have to be afraid to surface your deck with tiles, even on a roof deck over living space. You only need to be sure to use a contractor that does it right, with the right products.

If you want to fulfil your dream of having a tile deck, talk to a few contractors to ensure you are getting one that knows the special considerations for tile deck projects….and if you don’t hear them mention waterproofing…run away immediately!

Proper installation of tile decks is a multifaceted project and when done properly can provide a beautiful and well protected deck for many years, however most contractors don’t understand the specialty trade of deck waterproofing, let alone the specifics of roof deck waterproofing under tile. It is frightening to think that there are contractors out there that would consider the tiles themselves waterproof, but sadly when leaky tile decks are being repaired it is evident that this is the case.

Golden Gate Enterprises LogoFor residents of the San Francisco Bay Area, tile deck projects are not the problem they can be for many other home owners because they have the skilled services of Golden Gate Enterprises who are specialists in deck renovations and repairs. Golden Gate enterprises is led by Paul Gordon who has built a captivatingYouTube channel on his many deck renovation and repair jobs. In addition to the professionalism and skills required to provide the kind of decks that Golden Gate can provide, part of their success is in choosing the most reliable building products on the market and installing them with the skilled, best-practise techniques that are not always the fastest or the cheapest, but are the most reliable and long-lasting.

Tiledek Image with Duradek Logo

Golden Gate Enterprises relies on the waterproofing performance of the Duradek’s Ultra Tiledek membrane for all of their exterior tile decks. Tiledek membranes bring the waterproofing element to these tile deck projects and can provide warranted waterproofing for 10 years. Manufactured in North America with a design specific for the best adhesion of thin set mortar in tile installation, Tiledek is a critical element in the whole tile assembly.

In this video from Golden Gate Enterprises, Paul Gordon points out a few of the critical issues in installing a tile deck as he goes through the actual issues that were a part of the failed tile deck that he is replacing.

Outdoor Tile Deck Factor #1 – The base sub-floor. This foundation needs to secure. In this case it was replaced because it had rot from the inadequate waterproofing and had never been glued and screwed properly.

Outdoor Tile Deck Factor #2 – The slope. This addresses the water flow away from the wall of the building to the drain point. In this case a sleep system allowed the water to be directed to central drain quadrant  locations on the deck.

Outdoor Tile Deck Factor #3 – Substrate Assembly. This addresses the order and elements used to provide the correct foundation for the tiles to be laid. In this case a cement backer board was screwed onto plywood. This provides a solid base to apply the waterproof membrane.

Outdoor Tile Deck Factor #4 – Waterproofing. This is the most critical element that is most often overlooked with exterior tile projects. Sometimes contractors will use a membrane that can handle the contracting and expanding that can happen as temperatures change to assist with reducing tiles cracking, but a crack isolation membrane does not necessarily provide waterproofing. Tiledek waterproof membrane applied to the backer board and run up the perimeters where deck meets wall provides a water-tight seal below the exterior tiles to protect the building envelope.

Outdoor Tile Deck Factor #5 – Applying the Tiles. This is also a misunderstood stage when old-school methods are turned to but provide inadequate results. Exterior tile installations should be done with a thin set or medium set mortar which is applied very well to the textured surface of the Tiledek membrane.

Outdoor Tile Deck Factor #6 – The Tiles. The type of tiles used is very important. Not all tiles are best suited for outdoor use. For exterior projects it is recommended to use a porcelain tile rather than a stone tile which can actually hold water and challenge the waterproofing system you have chosen to use. For projects completed with Tiledek, your home is still protected, but with those porous stone tiles that hold water, you are more likely to see surface cracking.

Use the Best Tools and Tradesmen to Save Your Tile Deck

Like Paul Gordon said, tile deck projects can get the best of even the most experienced contractors if they are not familiar with the specialty trade of roof deck waterproofing. If you are in the Bay Area, be sure to call Paul at Golden Gate for an estimate on your tile deck project.

In all other areas, be sure your general contractor consults with an authorized Duradek Dealer who are the only authorized installers of the Tiledek membrane that is saving tile deck all over North America.

Waterproof Deck General Contractor San Francisco Bay Area

The Touch of a Waterproof Deck Contractor

Water intrusion is serious threat to the structure of buildings when it remained to places it had able to invade and can cause some serious decaying problem on that area and decks are not spared from such predicament.  It is wise to seek the helpful touch of a waterproof deck contractor to help you avoid facing such a problem in the future.

Check Out This  Waterproof Deck !


Waterproof Deck By Golden Gate Enterprises, Inc

Waterproof Deck By Golden Gate Enterprises, Inc

Decks can definitely bring added charm to homes and hiring the expertise of the deck contractor or if you have a deep know how on building decks then you can even do it yourself but to properly waterproof your deck you will need a reliable waterproof deck contractor to keep your deck water-free.  Stagnant water that remained on your deck can actually bring bigger damage than you think if left unnoticed; that is why waterproofing your deck is the best option with the help of a waterproof deck contractor. Improper waterproofing will result in leaks that will cause dry rot and structural damage.

Things to Consider in Waterproofing your Deck

After your deck has been completed, the wood must be sealed with coating that resist water to make the life of the wood longer you may ask for the opinion of a waterproof deck contractor.  Water is definitely the enemy of the wood although it has benefited a lot from water when it was a tree.  For this simple task, you can opt to hire a waterproof deck contractor to properly waterproof your entire deck or you can try for yourself.  Water resistant solution must be spread on the deck, you must make sure that the entire deck was covered and no space was left untreated.  The waterproof deck contractor can also help preserve the beautiful appearance of the deck aside from giving your deck the proper protection it needs. Hiring an experienced general contractor is critical.

If you opt to build your deck with redwood, waterproofing can extend the life of the natural color of the wood but waterproofing should be done on the wood prior to construction.  The idea is to seal the entirety of the wood even the areas that cannot be seen anymore once the deck was assembled.  There is a need to apply the treatment or the sealant every 12 to 18 months to make sure that the wood will have the same appearance and prevent it from darkening.  You can still ask a waterproof deck contractor for the best option you can have in order to maintain the beauty of your deck.

The deck is exposed to direct sunlight and bad weather most of the time and the bits of moisture that seeps in the wood can actually create some damage to the wood if the deck is not properly treated.  To make sure that your deck will give you long lasting service, consider hiring a waterproof deck contractor with a proven track record.  You may ask for the waterproof deck contractor company profile and also ask for inclusion of some photos of past projects as proof.

Finding a Good Waterproof Deck Contractor

In finding a good waterproof deck contractor you may ask some friends and relative who hired one for their decks and ask if they can recommend the waterproof deck contractor to you.  Finding an expert waterproof deck contractor may take time but it will all be worth it in the end, remember that patience is indeed a virtue.  Once a friend or a family recommended one do not hesitate to give the waterproof deck contractor a call and set for an appointment, the earlier you start the better.

It is good to have options to compare and if there are recommended waterproof deck contractors given to you by friends and relatives, you can check out the entire waterproof deck contractor and choose who you think is the best.  Don’t forget to ask them to bring along their company profile with some photos of the past work.  Different providers have different services and different prices. You can also do some research prior to meeting any of them so that you won’t be caught swimming in jargons that only they can understand.  Although it is okay to ask the waterproof deck contractor what it means but that would be time consuming unlike if you do your assignment before facing anyone.

While doing some research, you might come across some waterproof deck contractor via the net and if you think they too are worth trying then list the name or better yet bookmark the webpage so that you can go back to it later after you have finished your research.  Try to focus at one task at a time so that you will never lose sight of the thing that you are supposed to do at that moment.  After you are done with your work then you can go back at those pages of the waterproof deck contractor.

Doing some research first can definitely make things easier for you when you finally talked with the persons involved.  You will be able to relate more if you do have an idea what goes on with waterproofing the deck.  Any waterproof deck contractor recommended by a friend or family will surely want to help you to the best they can, if you still consider the ones you found online then make a comparison between the things the reliable waterproof deck contractor told you and the ones you found on the net.

The decision will still depend on you; choose the most suitable waterproof deck contractor that you think is right for you. Golden Gate Enterprises Inc. is the leading waterproof deck contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We provide deck staining, deck sealing, and waterproofing systems for use on walking decks over living space. So hire an experienced waterproof deck contractor !

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