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Backup Standby Emergency Power Generators  Residential & Commercial

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Golden Gate Enterprises specializes in the installation of emergency power generator systems for residential and commercial applications.  Our expert team will do a site visit, evaluate your needs, and specify the proper equipment for your application. Installation of  an emergency generator is a great way to protect your home and family during power outages and earthquakes.  Typical whole house standby generator  systems can automatically turn on when PG&E power drops out, and supply your home with partial or full power for several days or longer.

Standby generators are a simple on concept. A typical unit is show below. For residential applications, the size of the generator is similar to an air conditioner unit.  The generator is mounted on a cement pad and wired into your main electrical panel. A typical system uses a transfer switch  (another electrical box) that monitors the PG&E power.  If the power drops out, then the standby generator automatically kicks in.

For the curious…there is a battery in the generator that is kept charged during normal times.  When the power drops out, the battery power is used to start the engine. Typical back up generators are powered by natural gas or LP Gas (think BBQ tank).  The better choice in most cases is LP gas because during an earthquake the natural gas to your house may not be working.  A typical on site LP tank would be a 260 gallon tank  (not really that big..about 30″ in diameter and about  96″ long).

Typical Wiring Installation

Installation of standby generator systems requires plans and permits. Golden Gate Enterprises , Inc handles all the details.  Be smart, protect yourself and your family during disasters and power outages.

How Much Does A Typical System Cost ?  While every application is a bit different, most residential installations  range from $12,000 to $18,000.  An increasing number of homeowners across the Bay Area are making a smart decision to safeguard their house and families during emergencies.  Please call us today to schedule a free no obligation consultation for your emergency electrical power needs.

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Commercial Emergency Power Generation Systems:  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Golden Gate Enteprises Inc has extensive experience in back up power generation and power distribution system.

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