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Custom Kitchen Cabinets  Custom Cabinets For All Rooms In Your House

We  believe that custom cabinets offer a far better value than most other choices in the market.  Cabinetry defines your entire space. In the kitchen, cabinets set the theme.  You can find a wide variety of prices on kitchen cabinets.  In the end, you get exactly what you pay for. There have been an explosion of  “cheap” cabinets imported from China. These my serve a purpose for rentals, or very low budget applications, but if you want the cabinets to last and not deal with chemicals/artificial materials, then real cabinets are way to go.  Most often we can build custom cabinets at less cost than you can my decent quality modular cabinets from chain stores (Lowe’s , Home Depot, etc).

Why custom cabinets ?  Because the construction quality, fit, an finish are far better than modular cabinets.  Modular cabinets force you to buy individual cabinets and fit them in to your space. If there are gaps..then filler strips are used to cover the spaces. With custom cabinets, all cabinets are built to fit the exact space.  In addition with custom cabinets there are so many features that can built in up front that are just not possible with modular cabinets.

Golden Gate Enterprises Inc is a well established general contractor. We have completed hundreds of kitchen and bath projects over the years. With our custom tile services, custom cabinets, and our journeymen craftspeople, we deliver magazine quality projects at affordable prices.

We provide all forms of custom cabinets from custom kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and vanities, built in media centers, kitchen island cabinets, built in hutches…you name it, and we can built it.  The first major consideration is selecting you would type. Typical applications include maple, cherry, alder, and oak. There are other type of would depending on you application.   Different woods have unique character when finished and stained. So depending on the color , look, and feel you desire, will influence your wood selection.

Once the color/wood selection is narrowed down, then door styles are selected for your custom cabinets.  There are many built in options available with the custom kitchen cabinets including roll out draws, lazy-susan corner shelves, built in racks, slide out garbage trays….we have over 100 custom options available.

Our process is simple. We come out meet  with you and determine what you are looking for. We have wood samples of all the major woods and finishes. Once this is narrowed down, we can select door styles.  As an initial step we the project, we take detailed measurements and create a 3D computer drawing so you can see the cabinets and layout before any construction begins.

In conclusion, we look at custom cabinets as a standard part of our construction practice.  So if you want a quality project done with great value,  Golden Gate Enterprises can do the job for you.

100% Custom Cabinets

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