Sinking Foundation

Repairing a Sinking Foundation

The foundation of your house is one of the most structurally significant aspects of the building. When set on a solid foundation, the rest of the house has the support it needs to maintain its integrity and stand for decades upon decades. If your house’s foundation is set improperly, there are a host of problems that can follow. A sinking foundation is one issue that can occur if the foundation is laid improperly or on unstable soil. Sinking foundations are problems that need to be addressed and examined as soon as you notice them to prevent further damage (and, of course, repair costs) to the rest of the house.

How to Spot a Sinking Foundation
Obviously, if you notice your home gradually slanting to one side, you’ll probably be well aware that you have some foundation problems. However, there are a few less obvious symptoms of foundation problems that will help you identify issues before your home begins to resemble that oh-so-popular tower in Italy.

Keep on the lookout for things like windows and doors becoming jammed or misaligned. Watch for cracks in basements, slabs, and on walls in the living areas of the house. Water puddles that form around the base of your home may also indicate foundation problems, as can upheaval of floors or floors that gradually become sloped. Homeowners in areas where soil is known to be unstable should keep an even sharper eye out for such occurrences.

Sinking Foundation Repair
The first step in fixing a sinking foundation is to have your home examined by a professional…that’s Golden Gate Enterprises, Inc.   In conjunction with our structural engineer, we can  diagnose foundation problems and tell you what, if anything, should be done about it.

Foundation repair can be expensive and tricky.  It is critical that you hire an experienced contractor. We have on this work for years. Look at our photo galleries of foundation work. Foundation work is much more than cement. Most often the skills required include full services of a skilled general contractor, knowledge of engineering, and of course a deep experience in foundation repair. Golden Gate Enterprises, Inc. is the right company for the job. We provide full plans, engineering, permits, and construction. We are a local bay area company.  Be ware of long distance companies operating in the area. We have come across numerous companies that are from southern California, out of state, etc. Protect yourself and use a local company.

There are several different techniques used to fix a sinking foundation, and each is more appropriate in certain situations. The introduction of load-bearing piers can be used to lift and stabilize a sinking foundation; they are an economical and permanent solution to foundation problems in many instances. Helical piers can be used in some situations where other piers cannot. These, too, provide an economical and permanent solution to sinking foundations, and are especially useful where fill material or a high water table is present.

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