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Golden Gate Enterprises, Inc. can design and install drainage systems to protect your home.  If you have  standing water or flooding around your yard, house, foundation, or basement, we can help. Call us today for a free estimate and consultation at 510-885-0197. French drains can solve many water issues .   Often we combine french drains with the installation of a sump pump to evacuate the water. As a  very experienced general contractor, we bring a great deal of expertise to drainage, water management problems, and french drain installation.

French Drains

French Drains have a long history. Yes there is a Mr. French, and his name is Henry French who formalized and popularized the concept of French drains back in the 1800’s. Simply stated, a French Drain is a drain channel or ditch that is dug that fills with water to divert it to another location. But there is a bit more involved than that. Today’s French drains have to be dug to proper depth depending on the application, have drain rock installed, as well as drain pipe designed for drainage applications. Additional details include filter fabric, clean outs, and proper slope.

The concept is of course to capture surface and ground water that hits the French drain, and route it to another location…most often to the street or perhaps another part of the yard.


Typical French Drain Diagram

A diagram of a French Drain

Typical French Drains are routed to existing drainage systems, dry wells, or discharged in an area that will not be impacted by the water.

Side View of A French Drain

Another cross view of a French Drain.

Inside the trench, typically perforated drain pipes are installed. In larger drains, it may be necessary to install multiple drains in order to handle the volume of water.

Foundation French Drains

In areas with known drainage problems, its common to see French Drains installed along with the original foundation. Typical configuration is drain rock, filter fabric, and of course the drain pipe. While well designed French drains last a long time, they can become clogged up. It’s important that clean outs be installed so periodic maintenance can be done on the drains. If clean outs are not installed, you will be forced to excavate the entire system to handle stubborn clogs.

Another key factor is the proper installation of filter fabric to keep debris and sediment out of the pipe system. There are several ways to install filter fabric, but some do a better job than others…a good contrator will know how to best handle this.

In most homes, an external French drain or drain tile is installed around the foundation walls before the foundation soil is backfilled. It’s laid on the bottom of the excavated area, and a layer of stone is laid on top. In many cases, a filter fabric is then laid on top of the stone to keep fine sediments and particles from entering. Once the drain is installed, the area is backfilled and the system is left alone unless it clogs.

In areas where its not possible to gravity feed the water draining out of the pipes, it may be necessary to install a sump pump to remove the water to the target area.

Not all French Drains are created equal. Proper materials and system design is crucial to well functioning system. Golden Gate Enteprises specializes in French Drain systems around the San Francisco Bay Area.  Many of our jobs are removing poorly installed/designed drains from other contractors that don’t have the in depth knowledge.


Base Rock at bottom

Pipe and drain rock.

Ready for the finish drain rock.

Ok, now that you have read more about French Drains than most people want to know, give us a call to solve your water problems. We service the entire San Francisco Bay Area.  Emergency Service Available

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With the heavy rainfall in the San Francisco Bay Area,  drainage problems can be a major issue for your property. Ineffective drainage can create breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other dangerous insects, erode your landscaping, and even potentially damage your home! So if you’re experiencing a drainage problem in your property, call us today! Our expert drainage experience can help you resolve your yard’s water problems. Don’t let poor drainage wreak havoc on your home or landscaping: our professionals are here to help. We can help with any type of yard or landscaping drainage, foundation drainage, french drains, trench drains, and more.

French Drains:

drainageThe installation of French Drains is ideal for specific situations such as diverting rainwater from house foundations and to reduce standing water in yards that tend to get and stay soggy. Golden Gate Enterprises, Inc. offers full french drain contracting services all around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Simply put, a French Drain is a series of ditches lined with rocks or gravel that is used to draw water away from an area. It is used to protect the foundation of a house from ground and surface water that does not drain properly on its own. Using the forces of gravity, French Drains are installed down from the area to be drained to an area that can support the redirected water.

In the San Francisco area, the combination of heavy rains and flat-hillside terrain creates the need for French Drains for many properties. Flooding often occurs when the top layer of soil, which contains air, becomes saturated with water. If the area is flat with nowhere to flow, it will stay in one spot for a long time until it can eventually drain. A French Drain allows the water and soil to move easily through the gravel and away from the problem area.


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