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  • Restoration & Insurance Claim Services

Below is a partial list of the insurance restoration services we provide. Contact us today if you would like to schedule a free estimate.

Fire Damage    Impact Damage    Water Damage  Smoke Damage

Restoration repairs are best described as work involving home owner’s insurance companies. Either by us working directly for the insurance companies or working for the homeowners after a claim is filed. Some of these repairs occur after home fires, water damage, impact damage, wind damage and smoke damage.Restoration work can include several different types of repairs. One type of repair is to rebuild a fence after a storm. Another type of repair is to rebuild an entire house after a fire, or to rebuild part of a home after a kitchen fire or garage fire. Yet another type of repair is to make repairs to a bathroom after water damage.

The most common type of fire damage is a kitchen fire. This is normally a grease fire that occurs while cooking. Faulty wiring that leads to a fire is another common type of fire damage. The next most common type of fire starts in the garage. The main reasons for this are that the garage is often used to store chemicals which can ignite.

Even a small fire can fill a house with soot and smoke. There are certain procedures that have to be taken to remove these smells from a home. The main way to clean and deodorize is the use of special soot removing chemicals. Our crews have the necessary knowledge and experience to use these chemicals properly and safely.

House fires can spread quickly to other sections of a house. This often causes fire damage and smoke damage to get inside walls and ceilings of areas that appear to have escaped the fire. We use special equipment and techniques to find these areas and repair them to remove odors and fire damage.

Most types of water damage are concentrated in one section of a home. Normally this will be located in the garage, laundry room, kitchen or bathroom. Most water damage will require all the walls to be stripped down to the bare studs to ensure that all the water is properly removed and dried.

This is to lower the risk that mold or other contaminates will remain in your home after the repairs are finished. If mold is found in your home our crews have the knowledge and training to stop it from spreading and to take the necessary steps to remove it.

Another type of restoration repair is from impact damage. Impact damage is usually caused form something hitting a home. Like a car running into the front of a house or from a tree falling during a storm and striking a home.

Golden Gate Enterprises has extensive experience in dealing with all types of insurance related losses. Call us today to schedule a free estimate so that we can help you.

Water Damage Restoration

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