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Golden Gate Enterprises, Inc. provides a complete service that includes initial planning of projects, architectural and engineering plans as required, and finally permit acquisition. The San Francisco Bay area is becoming more complex and difficult in obtaining permits. We have become experts in getting through the process in a cost efficient manner. Having one company handle the plans, permits,  engineering, and construction  is the most efficient way to go. As a bay area construction company, we routinely handle these types of projects. Call us to handle plans permits engineering today .

While you can go out and find your own architect and engineer, most times homeowners waste a tremendous amount of time and money doing this on their own.  From our viewpoint we deliver tremendous value by working with our architect/engineers right from the start. By the time the plans are complete, we know what the entire project involves.  Projects designed without a contractor involved up front frequently have way too many missing pieces that cause problems during construction, and cost you additional money in changing plans and having to adjust for what was not properly done up front.  In many cases hiring an architect is the wrong starting point. Many projects can be done with proper structural plans. We  have seen numerous cases where homeowners spend thousands of dollars with an architect, only to find out they still need structural engineering plans.  We do all of this together right from the start.


Plans Permits Engineering

Golden Gate Enterprises Complete Design Engineering Build

( Plans Above Are For A Deck Construction Project)

Plans Permits Engineering Consultation

Our typical process is an initial consultation with you about your project. We can provide a reasonably accurate budget price for your project. After that, if you would like us to proceed with your project, we write up a simple contract that includes the necessary plans.  Typically we take a small payment the covers that plan development. The final contract for the project becomes the mutually approved plans. Prior to getting too far in to the process, we meet with your planning department to determine if their are any major issues that may complicate the project.  We have seen so many sets of plans developed, only to find out that the planning-zoning will not allow the project as planned.  A simple review upfront will let you know what the “rules of the game are” for your project.   We have become masterful at this process and have a great relationship with building departments around the bay area.

Licensed Structural Engineer, Plans, Permits

If you want piece of mind in doing your project, hire us. We are diligent, professional, and treat every project as if were our own . Our architect and engineering services are strictly for projects we are building.

Plans developed without the contractor involved up front usually run into technical and cost related issues.  We solve this problem. So  contact Golden Gate Enterprises , Inc  today for complete project services of plans, permits, engineering, and construction.

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