The Appeal of Walk In Tubs

The United States is headed down a new road where a generation of baby boomers are getting older. The baby boomer generation is known as a segment of the population that was born during the early years after the second World War, between 1946 and 1964. Approximately 76 million babies were born during this time and they are now getting to be retirement age.

With the extreme rise in population and people around this retirement age, there has been a rising interest in walk in tubs. The security and ease of them is appealing to a huge amount of aging people. Just think, you add water to a slick surface and an awkward shape and you are bound to have lots of accidents. Throw in some people that have a hard time getting up and down and you have a great need for a walk in tub.  With a door to walk in, instead of climbing over the side, the danger is averted.

A walk in tub is the perfect answer for people with disabilities or handicaps, as well as people with injuries. There is a door that opens and closes with air tight hinges, making  it easy to move in and sit down without the danger of slip sliding around. With Arthritus effecting millions of people every year, this would be the perfect solution for them as well.

There is absolutely no leakage from the walk in tub. The hinges are designed with special materials to keep an air tight seal ensuring your ease and comfort for many relaxing bath sessions. The walk in tub is revolutionizing peoples bathing experience. Many versions can be purchased that include a whirlpool to take the relaxation to the next level, not to mention the therapeutic elements. You can find the walk in tub in different materials such as acrylic, and fiberglass

The difficulties that a caregiver faces when handling a patient with disabilities can be astronomical.  Having the ability to allow someone to bathe in private, safely and securely is highly desired.  If help is still needed, it makes the caretakers job that much easier.  The walk in tub has changed a lot for the handicapped and has decreased bathroom injuries in a huge way.  A bath is a pleasure and there should be no fear or anxiety about something that is intended to be luxurious. Many people find that in addition to being a great benefit to someone that has limited access to regular bathing facilities, they too use the walk in tub because of the relaxing therapeutic effects. So a walk in tub really is for everyone. A walk in tub is a safe tub.

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