Certified EPA Lead Paint Renovator Firm

EPA Lead Paint Certified Renovator Firm

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Golden Gate Enterprises, Inc. is an EPA Certified Renovator Firm.  All of our key employees are certified for lead safe work practices.  Under new federal regulations put into effect by the Environmental Protection Agency, all contractors working on pre-1978 homes have to operate under the EPA RRP Lead Paint Regulations.  You can find out more about these regulations at the EPA web site.

In our work practices for lead paint containment, the use of a HEPA filter vacuum is a crucial component. Our company has standardized on the Lead Sucker HEPA Filter Vacuum.  This vacuum is of the highest quality and filters 99.97% of dust at .3 microns  in order to  provide for a clean job site.  One of the big benefits of the Lead Sucker vacuum is the HEPA No-Clog technology that prevents the filters from clogging up.  This eliminates the need to change filters on your job site so we don’t risk re-contamination of the area with lead dust. Other companies that use cheaper, less effective HEPA vacuums risk exposing your home, pets, your family, and contractor employees to harmful lead dust that is embedded in the filters.  You may find the Lead Sucker technology interesting, so we have provided a link for your convenience.

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