Retaining Walls & Concrete

Retaining Wall  & Concrete Contractor

Golden Gate Enterprises, Inc.  can provide all types of retaining walls and concrete work.   We can provide complete design, engineering, and installation.

Retaining Walls: From simple landscape walls to structural walls to hold back the hill, we can install the right wall for you. Typical retaining walls are either poured concrete, cinder block (finished and unfinished), interlocking blocks, or wood retaining walls.  Most retaining walls also require proper drainage systems as part of the design.

Concrete Work: From simple sidewalks, patios, walkways, and driveways, we can provide the service. Simple concrete finishes include natural, broom finish, stamped concrete, and steel finishes.  Concrete can be colored at the time of mixing as well as stained after the pour.  Sealers are available that enhance the color, add a glossy wet look finish, and provide waterproofing to the surface.

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