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Golden Gate Enterpirses, Inc. provides custom sized fiberglass arbors  and pergolas  for residential and commercial applications. Easily transform your backyard into an outdoor living space with a maintenance-free fiberglass arbor structures from Golden Gate Enterprises. We provide custom installation.

Why Fiberglass ?

No Maintenance: Will not absorb moisture like wood. Will not crack or sag like vinyl.
High Strength: Pound for pound fiberglass is stronger than steel. No need for heavy reinforcements. Will Not Sag .Fiberglass can span longer distances than wood or vinyl and isn’t susceptible to heat.
Corrosion Resistant: Fiberglass will not rust corrode or pit regardless of the environment in which it is installed.
Paintable: Choose a high quality paint of any color and enjoy for a lifetime.
Consistencey: Fiberglass will not warp, bow or twist after installation. Fiberglass components will not lose their strength over the life of the product.

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