Common Questions

What does it look like?

It is not paint, but a heavy bodied coating system, and is guaranteed to look freshly painted every day, for the next twenty five years.

It retains the natural shape and texture of the material to which it is applied, and dries to about the thickness of a credit card.

What colors does it come in?

Virtually any color! There are dozens of popular standard colors to choose from and we can also custom tint to whatever shade you wish.

What if I want to change the color?

The color can be changed at any time by simply applying a new application of Vicrylic Liquid Vinyl Coating Top Coat.

What surfaces can it be applied to?

Almost everything except vinyl siding – as example, Vicrylic Liquid Vinyl Coating may be applied over wood, masonite, stucco, brick, block, concrete, masonry and aluminum.

What is the guarantee?

We offer a twenty five year, 100% materials and labor, non-prorated, fully transferable warranty that the product will not chip, crack or peel. The manufacturer backs the dealer materials warranty should ever a failure of the system be found to be due to faulty manufacturing. The latter simply does not occur when the system is installed to manufacturer standards.

Can I put it on myself?

Under no circumstances can it be applied by the home or business owner. It must be applied by our trained applicators so that we can offer the twenty five year warranty.

Is it toxic?

No. It is water based and environmentally friendly. We clean our equipment with soap and cold water.

What is Vicrylic Liquid Vinyl Coating?

Vicrylic Liquid Vinyl Coating prevents damage to your home or building, saves money, and helps you to avoid potential health problems by eliminating the moisture build-up that causes mold growth.

What Are Your Quality Assurance Procedures For Application of Vicrylic Liquid Vinyl Coating ?

As a high-performance exterior coating system, the prep, repair and application steps are critical to its performance. Each of the separate coatings used in our system has manufacturer prescribed dry-times, substrate temperature and moisture parameters and both the thermal coat and top coat have thickness (mils) standards. Each of these factors will be explained to you by Golden Gate Enterprises and each of our applicator teams are required to follow manufacturer prescribed standards on every job. We are required to imbed Quality Assurance inspections in their application process.

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